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Pump House Water Park, Savings and Water Park Description for 2023

Weatherproof your vacation with this stunning indoor water park! This time, get that summer feeling anytime, yearlong. This state-of-the-art facility, a 50,000-square foot indoor water-park features The most striking ride is La Chute, the first AquaLoop to debut in an indoor water park. Co-opting the concept of a coaster inversion, riders climb a 71-foot tower, enter a launch capsule, countdown as the capsule's floor opens, freefall almost straight down in an enclosed tube, and propel up into a near-vertical loop.

Jay Peak says that those brave enough to tackle the black diamond ride reach speeds up to 40 mph and experience a force of 2.5 Gs. Other rides include a long lazy river that travels the perimeter of the park and includes some rapids elements, and Double Barrel, a dual FlowRider surfing attraction that gives two guests at a time the chance to tackle waves on boogie boards.

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