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1800 W 89th Ave, Denver, CO 80260, United States


(303) 427-7873

Water World, Savings and Water Park Description for 2023

          It’s going to be an epic summer! Located at Federal Heights, Colorado, this fortress of water, fun and excitement will surely keep the whole family on the go for summer. Explore and experience notable attractions such as the Screamin' Mimi, a ride where guests ride board-type vehicles down a roller coaster like track. Be thrilled with The Space Bowl, Revolution and Storm, which includes lighting and sound effects. You’ll be in a ride of your life with Water World's most famous attraction is a raft water slide that takes place completely inside, it is called Voyage to the Center of the Earth.


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Water World Coupons and
Season Pass Details for 2023

2023 Water World Season Pass

Water World Season Passes are now available online

BIG KAHUNA SPLASHPASS (48"+ ) will cost you $124.79

BIG KAHUNA SPLASHPASS CHILD (-47") will cost you $119.59

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